Babebee Announces New EP With Dark & Personal Single, "VIDEO GAME"

The mesmerizing immersion of video games is appropriately analogous when thinking of Babebee, an artist with a deliberately constructed persona, born and breathing on the interwebs, humanistic but also a vessel of proxy identities. Announcing an EP out later this month ‘A PROPHECY,’ their work is a study in the freedom of self-taught optimism (check back for a deeper dive into their EP in November). While difficult to define within the narrow lens of genre, it always has that inventive, imaginative allure, a sense just how beautifully displaced pure originality can be: precise without the weight of tradition, bucking the anticipated for the verve of contrast, learning in realtime. 

On their latest single “Video Game,” much of the self taught sonic palate they employ is obvious: a zest of trap hi-hats, THX intro bass effects, and lullaby lazy melodies bolstered by a sultry vocal chorus that equally taunts and flirts with the listener, drifting into a Bossa nova interlude before becoming a slurry of hyper stressed vocals on the outro (a tribute to the diverse sounds their hometown of ATL). Of the single Babebee unsightly explained: “The Bee that is in space represents my soul trapped inside the spiritual realm. My soul travels through portals, trying to get to my physical self, which is an homage to parallel universes. The people who are supposedly helping me actually represent my subconscious. Self-sabotage and existential questions about life and death are shown through me trying to escape myself. Eventually, my soul reaches my physical body, but I cannot handle the mental state of it, so I end up killing it, but life repeats and I have to start the “game over”.

It's hard to surmise such a deep & dark personal assessment, but it isn’t hard to see the ruthlessly sharp potential within Babebee’s work, we’ll just have to sign in for the next game. 

Watch the music video below: 

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