Baby Rose's 'To Myself' Is a  Self-Dedicated Masterpiece that Debuts Her Gorgeous Vocals to the World [Q&A]


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The Atlanta-based songstress with the most unique vocals, Baby Rose has finally dropped her stunning debut album, To Myself. Growing up surrounded by musicians, Rose turned to music as a safe haven from the bullying and alienation she experienced from moving around so much. Ever since she blessed us with three brilliant singles in one day this past May, Rose has kept our attention and her newest,  To Myself, captivates our minds even more so.  

Immediately, we're thrown into a tumultuous narrative of Rose's journey post-break up in the opening track, "Sold Out." Featuring lovely guitars paired with Rose's unique vocals, "Sold Out" reminisces on Rose's lost faith in true love while "Borderline" hears a conflicted Rose crying over someone who she knows she must release in order to move onto the recovery stage. The darker instrumentals in "Ragrets" present an edgier side of Rose that has her being as straight forward as possible about how she sees her ex at this point.  

While "Pressure" and "Mortal" are slow-burning ballads that showcase Rose's dynamism as an evolving artist, "All To Myself" opens with a haunting organ and delicate piano that add all the more mystery to this songstress' sonic world. Rose pushes herself away from the painful memories during the break up phase in "In Your Arms" and "Artifacts." By the time the album reaches "Over," Rose has come to terms with the current state of her love life and she makes the decision to progress to the lush "Show You."

Bask in the rich vocals of Baby Rose with To Myself below:

To celebrate her new music, we recently chatted with Baby Rose about her experience with bullying, Snoh Aalegra, and of course, To Myself.

OTW: Something about you that's so noteworthy is the fact that you released not one, but THREE singles in one day. What led to that decision?

Rose: That was a decision made when my team and I each had our own favorite picks for the first single. Rather than try to pick one, we decided to put out all three at one time.  

OTW: Which one is your favorite?

Rose: Out of the three, I'd say "Mortal" right now. But it changes every day.

OTW: Yes! That's my favorite. How does it feel to know that you have the support of SZA, Kehlani, and J Cole?

Rose:  It feels good because at the end of the day, they're very genuine people and I'm grateful to have their support.

OTW: That's really sweet. So what does your new album, To Myself, mean to you?

Rose: It's about a breakup I went through last year. Though I would say that the album is less about the breakup itself and more about my own personal growth. I've realized that I can be the type of person that might harbor painful emotions, so it leaves me with the choice of wanting to run into another relationship looking for the same fulfillment I thought that I could find in my ex, or use this album as a reminder, to myself, to just keep going in the direction that I'm in now.

OTW: Well, that's really wholesome. Can you describe your creative process behind this new album? Or even just one song?

Rose: I'll pick "Sold Out." It's a fire story because it was 3 a.m. in Parhelion Studios, which is in Atlanta. And the guy who works at Parhelion was playing this idea of the mellotron. Then we evolved from that. At first, I didn't like the mellotron loop. But then it was like, 2 or 3 a.m. and I was like, "Fuck it. I have an idea." So I go in the booth and I just start singing really slow. And he was like, "No, you should sing it like a trap person or whatever!" And so I just started singing like that. There's no effects or anything. It sounds hella rough, but we cut the demo. I think we had a session the next day at Doppler and we handed it to the engineer just to see what it would sound like. And it sounded really good. And we were like, "Oh shit! This is dope." Fast forward to when I went to LA like a month later and my friend Paris did string arrangements and my friend Jasmin plays viola and violin. So we laid them at Revival and it literally evolved from this afterthought of something I never thought would be a complete idea.

OTW: Which is your favorite song on the record and why?

Rose: I don't really have a favorite song. I love them all for different reasons. They're all parts of a whole story.


OTW: What would you say to the young kids who are experiencing bullying and alienation like you did when you were growing up?

Rose: I would say to keep your head up and don't let others words and actions change who you are. In time, the things that you're bullied for, that set you apart, are going to be the things that you're celebrated for that make your life unique. You are loved. God loves you, your family your friends love you. Focus all of your energy on that. Keep pushing forward and champion yourself early without the need of anyone's validation. No matter what, always embrace who you are.

OTW: Aww, I love that answer so much. What are you most excited about for your upcoming tour with Snoh Aalegra?

Rose:  I'm excited to see and perform in Europe for the first time with Snoh Aalegra. I'm so grateful for the opportunity. This is going to be a whole new experience and I'm ready to take it all in.

OTW: Is there any city in particular that you're really looking forward to visiting?

Rose: No, I'm looking forward to all of the cities I'm visiting on tour.


OTW: Who are your Ones To Watch?

Rose:  My Ones To Watch are Yung Baby Tate, Davionne, and all the producers on my album. Tim Maxey, the executive producer on the album. Insightful and Biako, who produced on my album as well. I truly believe we all are Ones To Watch and are contributing gifts to the spectrum of music.

OTW: Is there anything else that you'd want to tell your fans or our readers?

Rose: To listen to the album, To Myself, and be patient with yourself. That's all I would say.

Catch Baby Rose on tour with Ones To Watch stunner Snoh Aalegra in Europe this fall!

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