Meet Bb trickz, the Most Exciting Person in Hip-Hop Right Now

Hip-hop is constantly brimming with exciting new talent and trendy acts ready to capture listeners attention, but over the past few years, how many of them have been able to break through and enter the cultural canon? How many of them have been able to overcome the curse of virality and build a sustainable fanbase of people who sincerely care? Whether the culprit for this is a change in culture or consumer habits, there’s no denying that for every artist like Ice Spice, Kenny Mason, or 454, there are hundreds of ephemeral acts that make an impression one day, and vanish the next.

Enter Bb trickz, a young Spanish artist who made waves earlier this year with “Bambi,” an infectious and refreshing take on Spanish drill music. In spite of her TikTok virality, there was something about Bb trickz, née Belize Kazi, that was so decidedly not-TikTok. She had a personality that couldn’t be reduced to a 7-second video and a unique style of music that didn’t just capitalize on trends like many of her peers; it pushed culture forward.

In the spring, virality followed Bb trickz to X (formerly known by its government name, Twitter) with clips of her music video “Missionsuicida” doing numbers alongside many claiming her to be the “Spanish Ice Spice,” due to her mellifluous vocals and confident delivery. What these comparisons ignore, however, is the inherent riskiness in Bb trickz’s approach to crafting hip-hop bangers. Though she may not be the first person to sample Law & Order, “Missionsuicida” is full of unique flows, charm, and personality. Most notably, it didn’t feel like BB trickz was trying to be anybody but herself. Bb trickz would release her debut EP Trickstar 10 days later, proving herself to be a formidable force primed to stay embedded in hip-hop culture.

Six months and millions of streams later, this week Bb trickz returns with "VIVA ESPAÑA !!!," a high-energy drill anthem that once again showcases a young artist hungry to take over the world. Synthesizing airy-yet-determined vocals and pounding bass signals, "VIVA ESPAÑA !!!" is the meal that BB trickz fans have been hungry for since April. At first, the track and video serve as simply a love letter to Spain, but "VIVA ESPAÑA !!!" is much more than that. It is a love letter to culture, futurism, and “Gangnam Style.”

Though many of the acts that were exciting and new this spring have already started to lose their shine, Bb trickz only seems to be getting better. It may be too late to be an early fan, but there has never been a better time to be a fan of Bb trickz. Few artists right now, if any, are releasing high-quality music as consistently as she is, and after just one listen I know you’ll understand why she’s primed to be hip-hop’s next big thing.

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