Behind Dreamer Boy's "LONESTAR," An Instant Cowboy-Core Classic [Q&A]

Bringing a southern twang to the pop world, Texas-born, Los Angeles-based Dreamer Boy has released his latest album, LONESTAR. This project is a true triumph of genre-fusing, pulling tricks of R&B boyishness alongside Faye Webster-esque cowboy-core, seductive in its nonchalance. As a proud New Jerseyian, it was also an invigorating realization to trace the classic nostalgia coursing through LONESTAR to the influence of Bruce Springsteen; the album buzzes with the feeling of driving down the Parkway to the Shore. I had the gut sense that LONESTAR was an instant classic for me, so we had to get the behind the scenes from Dreamer Boy himself. Don your leather jacket and read ahead for the scoop: 

How are you? Where are you in the world?

Hello! I’m pretty good, I am in freakin’ Hollywood, California.

Who is Dreamer Boy? What is he dreaming about?

Dreamer Boy is me!!! Right now I am dreaming of a cold refreshing Olipop, I’m not sponsored. This is real. 

Congrats on your album, Lonestar! How does it feel to have these songs finally out?

I feel insanely happy, refreshed and motivated to keep making music/art and putting it out into the world. Doesn’t need to be more complicated than that. I am finding myself simplifying lately, and I feel like getting this out in the world feels like cleaning out your closet. I am so proud of this album, and excited to see it live with people in its entirety.

How did Lonestar begin, did you mean to write an album or is this more of a collection of songs from the past few years? 

It truly began one night after writing “Baby Blue”, and going out that night with some friends, I decided to put on this brown leather jacket and I haven’t taken it off since. I have been writing songs for this album since 2021 but they all found their way into the Lonestar universe one way or another. I think that through living life and letting the music show you what it is, you discover the through line and then you start directing it all towards a North Star. “Baby Blue” was the North Star and it was when all the other music I had been experimenting either made sense, or was not for this album.

Are there any themes that you based this album around? 

Heartbreak, self-discovery, loneliness, transitional moments.

I heard that you call your live band “The Lone Stars,” is this where the album name came from or vice versa? 

Vice versa! We had the album name and when we were all trying to think of an accompanying band name, we had a lot of ideas but The Lone Stars just made the most sense and stuck. I love band names. I want to just keep starting new band names until I eventually dissolve.

What were you listening to when you wrote Lonestar? 

Bruce (Hornsby and Springsteen) Tusk by Fleetwood Mac, Suicide, lots of Lou Reed and the Velvets, classic shit. I was kind of on my toxic classic rock bullshit but I think that’s just some of my favorite music ever.

What’s your favorite song off the album? 

Changes with the tide, but I love “Summer In America” and “Heartbreaker” back to back at the beginning. Sets the tone for this new album.

And, what’s your favorite song of your previous albums? 

Hm... “Crybaby” is a favorite. I also love “All Our Dreams Came True” and “Bike.”

 Outside of music, where do you find comfort / creativity? 

I play a lot of tennis, I love getting sun and going to the beach. I love to watch movies and shows. I am watching Curb Your Enthusiasm for the first time right now and it’s so inspiring.

If Lonestar were a candle, what would it smell like? 

Cut grass, cigarette smoke, sweet tea, hint of leather. I want that now! Let’s start a venture.

Who are your OnesToWatch? Who are you listening to that I should be listening to?

Rick West! Christian Taylor! QTx3!

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