Believe in The Image With Their New Single "Believe In Me"

Mysterious. The only word to really describe The Image. Completely hidden head to toe, the duo set out to conquer one goal... deliver positivity. In 2019, they began that journey and hit the ground running. Most recently, they've been working as writers on the next Kanye album, but most importantly blessed us with a bop of a single entitled "Believe In Me".

The gimmick is to not put a face to their music. It doesn't matter what the color of your skin is, your religion, sexuality, gender, etc. All that matters is that you follow your passion and do what you love in life. That you not only follow that dream, but you conquer it. The duo spoke further on their latest single:

“When you're a kid the possibilities are endless you could be or do anything. But slowly as you get older and join society the world attempts to put you in smaller and smaller boxes so that they can identify exactly the type of person you are. This video and song were about breaking those boundaries. Remembering what it's like to still be a kid and see the world through a joy of endless opportunity”

The song is an anthem to the kids who feel like giving up, but need to believe in themselves. Because without believing in yourself, why should others believe in you? With the high energy production behind the song, it gives you a rush of adrenaline to be the best person you possibly can. The vocal production stood out most within the song. The vocals accompany the beat to perfection, creating an electric sensation while bumping the song. The Image has made their mark and we fully believe in them.

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