BENEE Doesn't Want You to Be Afraid of the  "Monsta" That Goes Bump in the Night


Photo: Imogen Wilson

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Have you ever been afraid that the monsters under your bed are going to get you? Well, you're not alone. BENEE's "Monsta" is a spin on her own chilling fear of being taken in the middle of the night. The brilliantly produced song has a way of charming you out of your seat and following the 19-year-old on her seemingly terrifying journey of being captured by a monster. BENEE spoke on the inspiration for the song, sharing,  

"Thought I'd give you a spooky lil song for Halloween! I wrote it about a real fear I have of being taken in the night by someone outside my room... I've been loving a bunch of Arabic music lately, and in the studio when we were working on 'Monsta' I suggested we find a line which follows a similar double harmonic scale - which you don't usually hear in western music! I love the way that part has come out in the song."

"Monsta" arrives as a belated Halloween gift, giving life to the fleeting fears that still hang in the air from the night before. However, BENEE provides a more innocent perspective on the monsters that we're used to fearing. "Maybe," she sings, "He just feels lonely." Blending vivid lyrical imagery and infectious glimmers of indie pop, BENEE's music is much like if all of the stories you were told as a child sonically and creatively came to life.  

With the release of "Monsta," the young visionary also announced the release of her upcoming EP STELLA & STEVE, set for release on November 15. Just recently, she hit the pavement for her sold-out headline tour, dubbed the "Lil North American Tour" and has an upcoming sold-out Australian headline tour, including a stop at the Spilt Milk Festival. In December, BENEE will make her return to the US to support Conan Gray on select dates of his 'Comfort Crowd Tour,' including Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Denver, and more.

Listen to  "Monsta" below:

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