BETWEEN FRIENDS Gets Moody in Eye-Capturing "u can still come over" Video


Films are meant to capture our eyes and our hearts. It is why we continuously watch Hollywood movies and celebrate them (let us rejoice and dismay on Sunday's Oscar wins). But every now and then we are exposed to music videos that are not only perfect examples of stellar cinematography but also make us question why we stay glued in theatre chairs for hours when three minutes in the comfort of your own home can do all that films do and more. BETWEEN FRIENDS, the intoxicating creation of sibling-duo Savannah and Brandon Hudson, reminds us of this truth with their invigorating and fun "u can still come over" music video.

An ode to past relationships, "u can still come over" is the epitome of bedroom pop. Groovy yet downtempo, the song shows Brandon's brilliant production skills and a harmonious blend of silky and brooding vocals. Incorporating moody lights, various close-ups, fish-lens shots, and quick flashes, the video entertains us and eloquently capture the bedroom pop vibes. Describing the experience of filming the music video, Savannah shares,

"We loaded up our car with six of our friends, a few cameras and some lights. The lyrics to the song make us feel as if we are coming into a warm home on a cold night and we wanted to capture that. After seven hours of being snowed in at Big Bear, CA, we had a finished product that not only felt true to the mood of the song but also reminded us of what we love the most about creating art, doing it between friends.“

Check out the infectious video below:

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