Bickle Distinguishes Himself on the Left-of-Center "Talk Words"


If you're a fan of the Atlanta artist community, then it's time to get familiar with alternative pop vocalist and producer Bickle. The multi-talented artist has gained a cult following through consistent throwaway drops as well as his 2020 breakout single "Naked."  

"Naked" took the internet by storm with its glitchy, left-of-center production and chorus that worms its way into your brain and comfortably sets up residency. The single was a momentous debut that left fans wondering where the artist would go next. Bickle's sophomore release "Heartbreak Sedative" answered that question, arriving as a follow-up that was as captivating as it was infectious.  

Bickle has an unmatched ability to make a song feel both simultaneously nostalgic and futuristic, existing perfectly out of sync with time. No song characterizes this feeling better than his latest single, "Talk Words." Following in the steps of his past two singles, "Talk Words" is a bright, alternative pop track that features his rawest vocal performance so far, showcasing a previously unseen vulnerable side to Bickle.

"Naked" and "Heartbreak Sedative" laid a foundation for Bickle to hit his creative stride, and "Talk Words" makes good on that initial promise. If these three singles are any indication of where his upcoming debut Bickle is heading, then definitely anticipate his debut project.

Listen to "Talk Words" below:

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