BIGBABYGUCCI on Staying Independent, His Upcoming EP,  and More  [Q&A]


BIGBABYGUCCI has been one of the most consistent underground artists in the past few years. Through projects such as Isolated, Teen Spirit, and Send Help,  BIGBABYGUCCI has built himself a cult following that knows him best for his energetic melodic delivery and tendency to hop on hard-hitting, genre- bending instrumentals. Frequent collaborators, Fish, Harold Harper, and Joe Dirt have helped build BIGBABYGUCCI's sonic world and distinct style. The North Carolina born artist has opted to remain independent and recently started his own label, Better Temperatures. The track "Seeing Ghosts" and its accompanying music video mark his first release on the new label and show that there's no sign of the artist slowing down anytime soon.  

I got the chance to connect with the rising star via email and learn more about his project, dream collaborations, his major influences, and more.

Ones to Watch: What drove your decision to create your independent label, Better Temperatures, instead of signing to a label?

BIGBABYGUCCI: I really just wanted to create a hub for creatives/ my friends to be able to push our music more professionally on a global scale.

What are your long-term plans for the label? Do you ever plan on signing to a label?

I first want us to build a foundation and fanbase to put our footprint in the music industry independently. I have my own buzz going so I'm just trying to trickle it down and open doors for others honestly. I can see each of my artists charting and going gold.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations? Out of those artists, what's your dream collaboration?

Kanye, Earl Sweatshirt, Tame Impala, Partynextdoor, Drake,  Da Vinci. Kanye or PND definitely one of my dream collabs.

How did growing up in North Carolina influence the music you make?

Growing up in NC influenced my music really the most by the things i say. The slang is really southern, you can tell I'm country lmao.

When did you first know that music was going to be your full-time career?

The minute i started making music i told myself this is going to be my job. Simply because i love making music. Took a minute to get enough going to have steady income from it but here we are now.

Recently, you've launched your own podcast, Universe Radio. Where do you see the show going this year?

I really just want to keep inviting my friends and shit. Just keep spreading random ideas and good music. Not really caring how far it goes.

Who's one guest that you would love to interview on Universe Radio?

I'd love to have Druski on the show, bro is hilarious.

How did your working relationship with frequent collaborator Fish begin? What about his production style drew you to him?

I met Fish thru twitter. He was working with some of my friends and peers so i just got him to slide me a pack and the rest was history. We're similar, always changing styles, lots of out of the box ideas, so we just clicked.

What can you tell us about your upcoming project?

My next project is called Assume The Worst. It's a pretty short EP. Another chapter into the Send Help series. Really just a redefined sound. Just me, Fish and Harper.

Who are your ones to watch?      

Me and my whole gang..

Listen to  "Seeing Ghosts" by BIGBABYGUCCI below:

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