Billy Lemos Releases  "Always" Ahead of His Debut Album [Premiere]

Billy Lemos can't be placed in a box. Not that he would want to be but you couldn't if you tried. The Iowa-raised and Chicago-based artist/producer has a penchant for eclectic sounds and consistently finds a way to mold his sonic amalgamations into very unique compositions. We aren't the only ones who have taken notice though. In the past, Lemos has worked with Omar Apollo, Maxwell Young, Juto, Quiet Luke, and more.

Lemos is back today to release his latest single, "Always." Taking a lo-fi approach to the song, Lemos tapped Toronto artist Monsune to provide some airy vocals over the instrumental. Speaking on the song, Lemos shared,

“Always” is the first single off my debut album, “Wonder”. I wanted to make something that sounded cinematic but also tasteful. The track, like many on the project, was made entirely remotely. Scott (Monsune) was amazing to work with and sent me a bunch of ideas and we picked out and refined what worked best. I’m eager to share the rest of the album and feel like it is by far my best work yet."

"Always" is out everywhere tomorrow and his debut album, Wonder, is set to release this fall. Stream the premiere of "Always" below.

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