Bishop Ivy Drops the Melancholic, Soothing Lullaby "tunnel vision"


With his new single "tunnel vision,"  Bishop Ivy gives us insight into some of his most vulnerable moments. The poignant track details a relationship, one in particular that seemed impossible to let go of. The songwriter shares, "I was scared to let go of this person, even if it meant harm would come my way." The song relates to one's inability to move on from a series of constant, swarming thoughts, hence the aptly named title of the track.

A melancholy escapism flows throughout the track, with interchanging dynamics that float around effortlessly. Reminiscent of Muse, the track has a grungy weight to it, while also letting its wings of alt-pop lift you up into a lighter atmosphere. “tunnel vision” allows us to feel both the pain and relief of leaving a relationship. Shimmering with cinematic pulses of synth and haunting vocals atop a bed of gritty bass and rippling drums, the song serves up contrasting emotions befitting of the narrative.  

Bishop Ivy's voice is both comforting and hypnotic, gliding effortlessly over the production. His voice is magnetic, with him further explaining, "This song featured some of my new experiments in production, like recording myself banging around with some tools and turning that into the song's percussion, and taking a train sample to use sort of as an ominous string section. That 'beep' throughout the entire song was from a check-out line at Target, as is revealed in the final few seconds in the song. Camera clicks also make an appearance in the chorus."

After the release of his 2020 EP LIMBO, “tunnel vision” couldn’t come at a better time. Bishop Ivy is the perfect distraction to completely lose yourself in and become blissfully unaware of the chaos around the world. So dive on in and submerge yourself in “tunnel vision.”

Listen to  "tunnel vision" below:

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