bludnymph's "Watch Me" Is an Alluring Siren's Call

With her latest single “Watch Me,” bludnymph continues to challenge pop music’s tried and true structure, adding a dash of sinister mysticism to create her signature erotic sound.

bludnymyph doesn’t just make songs, she guides you through immersive experiences, dizzying you with layers of dark rap and haunting melodies. Shining alongside her previous singles “FEAST” and “Lights Out,” which both amassed millions of streams, “Watch Me” proves she will only continue to stun with her unpredictability.

A member of the gaming group Gloom-E-Girls and an avid ASMR creator, bludnymph is a microcosm of the internet. The Canadian singer-songwriter moves through life in cosplay and it’s difficult to discern who she is within who she performs as, but isn’t that art at its highest expression? To weaponize entrancement and create a character so alluring, people can’t help but wonder who you are beneath?

As she slowly begins to unveil her eclipsed truth, she shares, “With every song I make, I can feel myself learning and growing as an artist. I have always been so very much myself and I can feel my inner world opening up to the outside world more and more, getting more comfortable sharing secrets and feelings from the deepest depths of my soul.”

Though she admits to still being a student of the art, she seems to have mastered an infallible rhythm, and with the voice of a true mystical woodland critter, it’s easy to be hypnotized by her siren sound that seamlessly ebbs into cleverly audacious raps. As she sings lines like “I love the way that you need me,” it’s clear she knows that we’re captivated, and that’s exactly where she wants us.

Watch the "watch me" video below:

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