Buppy. Rejects the Blueprint on the Ominous "TELL ME YOU'RE SORRY"


Utah native Buppy. writes sincere, often melancholic reflections on the world around him. With writing help from his older sister,  Eleanor Kingston, and production from friend and frequent collaborator BOIA, the trio makes emotive music that blends multiple styles as well as their distinctive personalities.  

Buppy.'s debut single  "Violence" served as an attention grabbing introduction, combing alternative R&B, pop, hip-hop, and electronic and Buppy.'s show-stealing vocal performance. He soon followed up this single quickly with the equally compelling  "Open My Letter."

Now, the multi-talented singer/songwriter is back with his darkest and most left-of-center single yet,  "TELL ME YOU'RE SORRY." The song is ominous, dejected, and introspective as Buppy. recounts a toxic relationship. Written solely by Buppy. and with production from BOIA, the track is his most personal to date.

"Written during the fall of my previous relationship, 'TELL ME YOU'RE SORRY' encapsulates the emotional turmoil I felt nearing the breakup. Born from a place of anger and hurt, I am not asking for an apology in this song, I am demanding one,"  Buppy. tells us.  

As moody, experimental music continues to shape the underground scene, Buppy. is ready to subvert expectations and reject any blueprint.  

Listen to  "TELL ME YOU'RE SORRY" below:

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