Cheridomingo Talks  "Swallow," Anger Management, and Finding Their Sound [Q&A]

Four-piece Cheridomingo creates alt-rock music with so much honesty and grit, it's difficult not to get instantly sucked into their intense sound. Their latest single "Swallow" hits hard with pulsating drums, blistering vocals, and grungy guitars.  

The soaring tune is about the childish ways we deal with anger and problems that can result from those negative actions. We all deal with our emotions in different ways, but Cheridomingo's hope is the song can help us all find healthier ways to cope.

Cheridomingo has built a fervent fan base through their strong messages of kindness and inclusion. Known for melodic choruses and powerful arrangements, the group’s music holds an undeniable passion. We got to speak with Cheridomingo about their latest single, how to manage anger, and more.

Ones To Watch: "Swallow" is an intense, soaring single that focuses on the toxic behaviors that arise from our rage. What led you to this topic for the song?

Cheridomingo: I wish it was a sexier, more intricate, and dramatic story but really we kind of just built off of a lyric idea we had which is the first line in the verse.

What are some tactics you use when you feel your anger elevating to avoid doing anything too destructive?

Separate myself from the anger. Everyone feels anger, hatred, sadness, etc. at some point. The key is to understand you are not your thoughts or your feelings. You are much more.

The video displays the band riding around in a car at night and a girl who drinks to numb the pain, all leading up to a violent act that takes place on the beach. Can you explain the video's concept in more detail?

I think we wanted to portray an immature and destructive way of dealing with desire and craving in a committed relationship, which I think we pulled off with Simon kissing Vanessa on the bed, and then I get dragged into the ocean as the one committed to Vanessa. Craving and Desire can be destructive, and I think that was more so the concept. At least that’s what I took from it.

“Swallow" features passionate vocals gliding atop driving bass and gritty guitars. How did you land on your intoxicating sound?

"Intoxicating,” oh my god I love that! Feels good to hear that. I’m not sure totally, but I think it has something to do with what and how we listen to the music that we truly love. Taking songs apart and seeing what makes them tick, what makes them good and then implementing that into our own music in ways we like.

Speaking of your sound, are there any bands or artists that have inspired your pop/punk style?

Circa Survive, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Lil Peep, My Chemical Romance, The Story so Far, Frank Ocean, Labrynth, the list could go on and on.

You're all longtime friends as well as cousins. How has that tight bond helped you thrive as a group?

I think it’s made it so that we can communicate more honestly, which makes it so much easier to write music. It makes it easier to make decisions as a band. It really helps every aspect of being in a band.

How has growing up in Simi Valley shaped your music?

This is actually something I’ve thought of a lot. I think being outside of LA and in Simi created an environment for writing music where there was no influence from what popular sound was going on in LA at the time. No influence, no outside force steering us in anyway. Great way to breed creativity.

Cheridomingo has a deeply-dedicated following. What do you think has attributed to the band having such a loyal community of fans?

We’ve always kept this idea of “togetherness” at the forefront of how we interact with people at shows, how we write, and how we make decisions. Togetherness is powerful, so I’d say it’s probably got something to do with that. But also I like to think that our music is a conduit into the present moment, diverting your attention away from thinking of the past or the future or the stresses and worries you have and instead channeling them into just listening to a good song and being in the present moment.

I love the name Cheridomingo. What is the significance behind that name?

Someone said Cherry Tomatoes and we thought they said Cheridomingo.

Lastly, who are your Ones to Watch?

Chase Petra, Valleyheart, King Mala, Plaguevendor, The Technicolors

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