Dillon Francis and BabyJake Create a Romance-Filled Banger With  "Touch"


Photo:  @Kursza

It's without a doubt that BabyJake and Dillon Francis are onto something big. Earlier this month saw the duo drop their first collab, "You Do You," and now they're back with  "Touch." With the help of producers and writers Jake Herring, Nick Lee, Peter Fenn and Valentin Fritz (FKA love val), the new super duo returns with an atmospheric song to put you in a dream-like trance of love.

I can't tell if I'm supposed to be grooving or lost in my feels. Maybe both? That's what makes this song so special. The spacey synths, and rhythmic beat have me bobbing my head and wanting to get up and dance, but BabyJake's vocals and meaningful lyrics hit me directly in the feels.  

The song creates a movie in your head about the mutual feeling of wanting someone and someone wanting you, too. You can feel the sexual tension, wanting to embrace the person you swear was your love at first sight. Reminiscing about the person you locked eyes with at a festival, wishing you had the chance to go up to them and forever regretting the decision of not doing so. Constantly thinking that they could've been the one you've always dreamt about.

I had the pleasure of speaking with BabyJake about the song. He went on to explain, "I really just just wanted to make a song about knowing somebody wants you and you want them as well. It's kind of a song about the mutual understanding of wanting one another. Like when you're at a party and you see someone you know but not that well. You guys always have those eyes for each other, and this is the song that I picture coming on in my brain if that were to happen to me."

The deep synths complemented by the slap of the electronic drums is simply a recipe that leaves you craving for more. Then there's the clanking of the bells hidden in the background, easily a hidden gem within “Touch" that keeps you grooving through the chorus. I can close my eyes and picture a crowd vibing to this tune at any festival. Late at night, the lights are shining red, and love is in the air. Good vibes only from this dynamic duo.

Listen to  "Touch" below:

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