dwilly Colors a World of Honesty in Versatile Electronic  'Crayola' EP [PREMIERE]


David Wilson, better known as dwilly, is music's most brilliant threat. If you have yet to familiarize yourself with the all-in-one electronic artist and producer, there is no better way to do so than with his debut EP, Crayola. Following the success of his official remixes of "So Close" by NOTD featuring Felix Jaehn and Captain Cuts and "Move On" by Mike Posner,  dwilly has continuously proved himself as a tough act to beat.

The South Carolina-native first made his leap into the music industry as an undergraduate at Berklee College of Music in Boston, an institute responsible for bridging the gap between dwilly's artistry and the electronic music scene. dwilly's strongest elements as an electronic artist and producer shine in Crayola, an infectious and groovy debut.

Of the EP, dwilly says,

"'CRAYOLA' the EP is a retirement from the early stages of my artistry and into my deeper darker personal struggles. As I approach the age of 24, I realize my music has matured into something much more emotional and honest. That being said, the songs are flooded with immaturity, youthfulness, and a punch to the gut.

My favorite part about 'CRAYOLA' is how unsystematic the track list is, reflecting my impulsive imagination. Each song offers a different vibe. I want both kids and adults to fuck with this. I’m not 'targeting any audiences,' just simply painting my mind onto a canvas for anyone to enjoy."

And what stands out is the versatility of the track list, each song a new journey to venture through with dwilly. But of the five ear-catching tracks, two stand out.

"Fade" comes in with a strong hook and dwilly's raspy tenor vocals crooning, "Help, there's a kid in you that wants to fly," surrounded by a catchy beat. Maybe it's the lyrics or the desperation in his voice as he sings, "Don't fade away/ promise me you won't let go/ promise me you won't let go/ promise me you're holding on," but there is something to take away from the song: we are not alone. It is easy to lose yourself every now and then and to feel like we are slipping from what makes us who we are. What better way to redeem our sanity than through powerfully raw and honest lyrics that we can relate to, feats of dwilly.

"1999" is the epitome of a modern-day love song and one dwilly brings lavish life to. As he sings the hook, "Feels like 1999/ like the world might end tonight/ it's a movie, you're my lucy/ got those diamonds in our eyes/ girl you take me back in time," we cannot help but fall in love with the raspiness in dwilly's vocals and the harmonious production, elements that drive us to put the song (and the EP) on replay.

Overall, there is an addicting warmth to Crayola, a strong debut for an artist that has only just scratched the surface.

Be sure to stream his EP below:

And see him grooving alongside Zedd, Snakehips and Hippie Sabotage at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre on June 19!        

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