Meet EASHA, the Stanford Student Crafting Blissful Bedroom Pop

Rising artist EASHA is the brown bedroom pop girl you didn’t know you desperately needed. Dubbing her sound “manufactured melancholy,” her music is cinematic, immersive, and an absolute pleasure to consume. 

Bred from Jersey, 20-year-old EASHA feels like a return home because she is every one of us. She doesn’t speak of an unreachable lifestyle, but rather wanting to run away from a familiar town you’ve outgrown or falling in love with a performance of a person rather than the truth of them.

“Manic Pixie Dream Girl” is her latest single, garnering impressive Spotify traction and global attention. It’s a catchy, fun pop track that’s effortless to enjoy and will probably nestle itself in your subconscious long after your initial listen. Though the single was released in late 2021, we’re all investing our hope in EASHA’s promise of new music underway (the whole being a student at Stanford thing can get understandably busy).

With an essence that speaks to Norah Jones, her work is lyrically-led, painting scenes so stimulating you can’t help but immerse yourself in the scent of them. Her ability to build the bones of a feeling can make even the love-scorned feel excited about romance, and that’s the exact medicine we need.

EASHA’s artistic talents have been well recognized, from being the grand prize recipient of the Lionsgate's National Cover Competition to staff writer at the Bluebird Cafe, yet somehow what’s most delicious about her is her funny TikToks. She isn’t taking life too seriously, floating through with ease and unshakable confidence in what she has to offer.

As EASHA’s soft, fairy-like poise continues to build with standout moments like the blissful, breakout track "Far Away" and her debut EP, Fact of The Fiction, it would be a gross understatement to say EASHA is an artist you need to keep on your radar. She’s the artist we’re craving right now, ripping pages out of all of our journals and setting our secrets free.

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