Elise Eriksen Shows Endless Potential on Her Debut EP 'Golden Boy'


Norway-born, Manhattan-raised Elise Eriksen has been steadily garnering attention for her breathtaking vocal performances and relatable storytelling. Her debut single  "Less" made it abundantly clear that her talent is undeniable. The summery pop ballad features catchy hooks, melodies, and a charismatic guest appearance from rising producer and artist Shoffy.  

The success of her debut heightened anticipation for a sophomore release and Eriksen is not one to disappoint. Her following single  "Smile" proves her vocal consistency as well as her ability to pen emotionally vulnerable lyrics with an affective, somber, and self-reflective tone.  

Following these initial successes, Elise Eriksen is now back with her debut project Golden Boy, compiling her previous singles while premiering a brand new opening track. The title track  "Golden Boy" reaffirms everything that makes the newcomer so captivating. The colorful instrumentation perfectly parallels her performance on the track and Eriksen's melodies are some of her most infectious to date.  

The project becomes even more impressive when you take into account that Eriksen is only 17-years-old and already sounding like a seasoned veteran.  Golden Boy contextualizes her previous singles while displaying endless possibilities for where she might creatively move next.    

Listen to Golden Boy below:

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