fijitrip Releases 'Tech,' an Ode to Love Expressed Over Experimental Sounds [Premiere]


Calling all of my e-boy, glitch-tune lovers over for this one. Newcomer fijitrip is here with his debut EP Tech, which arrives as a six-track ode to love, life and technology.  

In an unfamiliar and welcomed way, the artist speaks about love over scattered electronic beats. This body of work encapsulates the melodies of The 1975 with Bon Iver at his most experimental. All composed by the 19-year-old Norwegian artist from his bedroom, fijitrip shared a little about the creation of this project with us, sharing,

"Tech consists of both familiar and artificial sounds, combined with uncanny, glitchy production and me singing about love. It feels like I made this EP ages ago, and it's really me just tryna find a sound. These songs were all written very fast - they're sneezes, as you call them. In creating this EP, I think I found my arsenal of sounds to pursue in the future.“

It's refreshing to hear of a newcomer using the creative medium to sort through thoughts and processes in an attempt to find their sound. Each song verbally tells the tale of yearning for love, while the production expresses the clashing of feelings and uncertainty.  

fijitrip amplified the release of EP with videos directed by himself that stay true to the glitchy features that create his world. Taken all together, we see the lane, and vision, that the young artist is carving. Flip this on during your next solo, soul-searching venture and see where you land.

Listen to Tech  and watch the video for "Frail" below:

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