flor Presents a Stunning Visual for "White Noise" Amidst OTW-Presented Tour [PREMIERE]


Alternative pop darlings flor have just unveiled a music video for the melodic first track from their sophomore album,  ley lines. The "White Noise" visual was directed by frequent collaborator Jade Ehlers, and arrives just at the start of their Ones To Watch presents  tour this fall.  

The Portland quartet's wistfully dreamy video tells the story of a relationship. A woman sits alone on a gloomy looking beach, and we see her she collecting several bits of driftwood to which she uses to build another female form. Suddenly, the light catches the life in her eyes because the form she's built has come to life – it's her love. The pair cherish each other and bask in the light for as long as they can. But before long, there's a wave and darkness fills the screen. There's something more to all of this though, as lead singer Zach shared,

“There are two main themes present in ‘White Noise.’ The chorus speaks to the power of a relationship and asks the listener and myself to be willing to learn and grow in it. The verses build to those choruses by speaking to the uncertain and volatile nature of vulnerability, and the internal conversation that can trick someone into believing they are better off hiding behind walls and barriers."

In the video, there's a beautiful back and forth between worlds in which the main character moves between. The dichotomy of contrasting the light and the darkness embodies the sort of intensity conveyed within the song's lyrics. When her lover is around it's airy and bright, but as soon as she isn't, the world turns various shades of navy and grey. It actively displays the feeling of hiddenness white noise within a relationship can create.  

See flor on their Ones To Watch presents  tour this fall. Grab tickets here!


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