Frost Children’s “FLATLINE” Is the Only Thing Keeping My Blood Pumping

Photo: Marcus Maddox

Though 2022 was a year packed with heavily polished releases from many of music’s modern titans, few artists kept me in a chokehold like NYC-based hyperpop duo Frost Children. Comprised of siblings Angel and Lulu Prost, Frost Children’s 2022 album SPIRAL saw strings of glitchpop, digicore, and avant-pop weave together in sacred harmony to create one of the most refreshingly original records of last year. Last week, the duo returned with their new single “FLATLINE,” a high-octane return-to-form that is just as effortless as it is entropic.

If nothing else, “FLATLINE” boldly stamps Frost Children’s names on 2023, quickly establishing Angel and Lulu as two artists equally deserving of your eyes and ears as we head into what's to come. Between the track’s pulsating bass signals, mechanical production, and dulcet vocal layers, “FLATLINE” is simultaneously high-energy, hypnotic, and brimming with personality (and Yoshi sounds). As the track enters its final act, synth patterns briefly take center stage before Frost Children erupt, screaming their lyrics with impassioned rage. “Cut the shit, are you fucking with me?” I hope not, Frost Children. “Step away, I can feel your disease!” My mistake.

Between Psych Rock Lil Yachty albums and 20+ track Summrs projects, don’t let Frost Children slip under the radar as winter slowly thaws into spring. With more music slated for 2023, the year of the Frost Children is already underway.

Watch the "FLATLINE" video below:

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