FVNERAL Introduce Themselves to the World With "GOD DAMN LEDs" [Premiere]


Australian creative collective FVNERAL are kicking off their career and introducing their robust sound with a solid and thoughtful debut single, "GOD DAMN LEDs." The group has spent years building this project: writing with and producing for local artists, including Birds Of Tokyo, Stand Atlantic, and Middle Kids, and international artists including Mokita, Near Tears, and Menend. The non-musical creative forces behind FVNERAL have also spent years honing their craft while collaborating on projects with powerhouses like Tash Sultana, Neck Deep, and The Struts. But now, the group has taken the plunge into being their own entity and are ready to introduce themselves to the music world with this hopeful and anthemic single.

The collective is a group of seven friends turned chosen family. Through the art they create, they attempt to articulate the heaviest parts of the human experience, turning up for each other in difficult times and focusing on the joy in overcoming them. Their conversations and creative chemistry have culminated in a collection of songs that linger somewhere between melancholy folk and earnest indie-rock. "This probably sounds cliché to the point of no return, but I think that we each feel like we’ve got stories that we need to tell, and ones that we feel like haven’t been told yet," says collective member Tim Blunt. "We’re inspired to create by a desire to see and hear art that represents us, and that hopefully represents some kid who doesn’t see or hear themselves represented too often either."

"GOD DAMN LEDs" is a single written from the point of view of someone unable to take care of themselves. The emotional lyrics speak directly to the person who makes them feel seen, heard, and important enough to stay alive. This is especially evident in lines like, “Take the wheel back, take the wheel back/ pen up my eyes right before I crash/I step inside as I burn it down/Watch me burn it down."  

According to collective member Ally Turner, the lyrics in the pre-chorus describe the moment someone lowers their guard and lets this person take the emotional driver’s seat. "It’s as desperate-making as it is cathartic to realize that someone else has taken responsibility for your own wellbeing onto their shoulders," says Turner. "While it is an incredibly unfair and ultimately unsustainable expectation to put on someone, there’s still something beautiful about feeling safe enough to let it happen, even if only for a moment."

The accompanying music video, which will have a short film, extended cut release before the end of the year, is equally cathartic and matches the warm tones of the track by featuring stunning views of Australia’s natural beauty at golden hour. Shot by collective member Jay Wennington, the video tells a nuanced story of a mother and daughter embarking on a journey through grief and heartbreak. As they travel, they poignantly explore the complexities of love and loss, ultimately capturing the closeness found in others during trying and dark times.

The single is the first from a body of work over two years in the making. Turner shares that the process of assembling it all has almost been like a two-year-long therapy session, both sonically and emotionally. "'GOD DAMN LEDs' really gave us a moment of clarity, and it felt like the perfect way to introduce FVNERAL to the world."

Watch the  "God Damn Leds" video below:  

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