Gaff's Energetic "How It Goes" Is a New Direction for the Irish Artist


Ireland native Gaff has been merging pop, alternative, and Hip-Hop in new and innovative ways all throughout 2020. Singles such as "All Day" and "Last Night!" have demanded attention with their catchy songwriting and Gaff's unique baritone delivery.

Gaff's new single "How It Goes" is energetic, addictive and a strong end to 2020. The piano-looped instrumental and trap influenced drums show Gaff's ability to create music at the intersection of indie and Hip-Hop. Beyond being catchy and memorable, Gaff's songwriting on the track is youthful, introspective, and wise beyond his years. "How It Goes" is optimistic and braggadocios as Gaff looks towards his future and what he expects to accomplish.

Gaff's newest single shows his versatility and adaptability over different instrumentals. "How It Goes" builds anticipation for new music and a full-length release from the Irish artist in 2021.

Listen to "How It Goes" by Gaff below:

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