10 Questions With Golden Vessel on His New Album 'everythingeverydayeverything' [Q&A]

Golden Vessel is indeed just that, a brilliant producer and music conjurer that pulls sonic gems from his repository of delicious melody and amped rhythms. In his latest effort, everythingeverydayeverything, all the promise of what might be in that vessel has poured out into a majestic, poignant effort. Wanting to know what else was hidden from view, we reached out across the ocean to see what this Brisbane talent was up to next.

Who is Golden Vessel?  

Golden Vessel: Hey I'm Maxwell, golden vessel is my artist project.

What a beauty of an album, what is everythingeverydayeverything all about? 

Thank you! everythingeverydayeverything was written during a time when I was rethinking my religious upbringing and beliefs, and so a lot of that bled into the music as I was figuring out what was important to me.

This is your third album, how do you feel your sound has evolved from album to album? 

Hmm, I think there was a big shift between my first and second album (slowshine and colt) to being more guitar-based. And this new album has become more acoustic but also has introduced some electronics/sampling like I used to do in earlier releases. I wanted it to sound like a big patchwork of different sounds but also feel very homely/honest.

We loved the features you chose: Mallrat and FELIVAND especially. How do you go about selecting artists to work with? 

I'm really fortunate to have become friends with everyone that worked on the album, and so all the collaborations form really naturally. But when I'm looking for new people to feature on my music, I really like voices that are unique and honest. And I also love working with people (like the nicholas and rei so la) who can send me lots of audio/recordings for me to sample, cut up, and turn into songs.

Production-wise, how do you settle on your sound choices? Is it Song specific or do you try and stay true to an overall theme? 

I think it's a mix between making what just comes naturally out of me, and me deciding what I will include to keep the album cohesive and interesting.

Can we expect more of this style in the future, or is this native to just now? 

I'm sure it will evolve naturally! I think I feel comfortable in this style now, so I'll either stick with it for a bit or maybe that's a sign for me to switch it up. I'm not sure yet!

Besides this excellent album, what else should we be on the lookout for? 

I'm working a lot on my side project 1tbsp and have lots of music in the works for the end of the year/early next year. I've also just finished co-producing/mixing the new Emerson Leif EP which is coming out soon as well.

What's inspiring you right now outside of music? 

I love cooking and am always watching cooking videos on YouTube. Also now that I've got a bit more time on my hands, I feel like I'm starting to get back into a big movie-watching mood

Kate Bush is having another moment via a big synch, what show would you want your music to be part of the finale of? 

I've been really into science and space books/podcasts /shows atm (just watched David Attenborough's Prehistoric Planet). I'd love to get synced on a non-fiction program like that.

Who are your Ones to Watch? 

I've been really inspired watching Dora Jar and Paris Texas lately.

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