Grady and Whethan Provide the Cinematic Score for Hookup Culture in "Only One"


For Santa Barbara, California - based newcomer Grady, his idyllic soundscape is one permeated by bottomless mimosas, the worry of a hookup turning into something more, and "avocado toast with lemon pepper." So, it only makes sense that Grady's latest single, "Only One," sounds like a laidback cinematic score to all of that and more.

Coming hot off the heels Grady's Cuco and MELVV - assisted debut single "Garden," which quickly climbed Spotify's US viral charts, the Santa Barbara artist enlists electronic wunderkind Whethan to soundtrack both that some-night stand and an aching apprehension of commitment. Over serene Whethan production that elicits the feeling of endless summer nights, Grady's velvety vocals takes us through his day-to-day, or at least an average weekend.

From having to Uber to bottomless brunch following a hookup to Grady making it clear that "she's not the only one," it's easy to write off "Only One" as a fuckboy anthem. And while it certainly bathes in the supposed joys of hookup culture, Grady paints a multi-faceted reality that speaks true to most millennials today. It is a reality where, for whatever reason, people are seeking up casual relationships more and more, while still wanting the emotional intimacy of a traditional relationship.  

Grady spoke on the collaboration with Whethan, sharing,

"'Only One' came about as most songs do when I'm with Wheaty, quickly and with a lot of excitement. We made it at a time when I was constantly having girls around cause I honestly just couldn't stand being alone. It's the theme music to casual hookup culture, where now more than ever there seems to be this mutual understanding where both parties involved would just rather only put their feet into relationships. And I've historically sucked with commitment and don't have a shortage of memories to pull from so it came pretty naturally."


(Whethan by Tak Kamihagi)

It’s safe to say we will be swiping right on "Only One," or up if this is a Bumble reference, or perhaps swiping up to super like this one to go back to the Tinder analogy? Whatever your preferred hookup method may be - Instagram DM, dating app, or god forbid IRL - you can at least be certain to find solace from loneliness or excess choice in Whethan and Grady's ethereal collaboration.

Listen to "Only One" below:

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