Haasan Barclay Drops "Call My Phone" for the Lonely Ones Ahead of V-Day

Haasan Barclay is a Boston-based producer and artist known for his industrial hip-hop project Camp Blood as well as his viral producer videos from social media. Barclay has returned with new music today in the form of a solo release titled "Call My Phone." "Call My Phone" is a blend of psychedelic alt pop and R&B.

As Barclay continuously repeats the line "I can't get your voice up out my head" throughout the song, the production becomes more intense to match Barclay's escalating feeling of being forsaken. With Valentine's Day only a few days away, I'm sure this will resonate with those spending the Hallmark Card Company Holiday alone. "Call My Phone" is a welcomed follow up to Barclay's recent successful collaboration, "Fuchsia", with rappers Khary and Kota the Friend. This is Haasan Braclay's first release of 2021 and we're looking forward to hearing everything that this experimental artist has to offer this year.

Stream "Call My Phone" below.