Hans Williams Speaks Volumes on "All Is Well"


It's only every so often we're blessed with a new Hans Williams track. While he only released one track in 2021, this may be the start to a string of releases for 2022. His captivating vocals and thought-provoking lyricism latch onto you like a leech in murky waters. Anytime you're over thinking or feeling glum, it's like he's there to tell you "We've all been there, it's going to be okay." That's exactly the narrative he tells in his latest single, "All Is Well".

Williams is a 21-year-old independent singer-songwriter out of Vermont. Continuing to collaborate with his childhood friend and producer, Phin Choukas, they've created another tune that will undoubtedly hit you directly in your feels. A reminder that everyone needs a support system, "All Is Well" shares a story about hiding your struggles from your friends for fear of feeling like a burden. A dangerous line of reasoning that could lead down a dark path of isolation.  

Williams explains, "I hope to spark a conversation with 'All Is Well' over how we as people - especially those in my generation - deal with mental health. In COVID, many people have lost their emotional support system and as a result, feel isolated. One silver lining for me has been building a community around a shared experience in tragedy after releasing 'Body on My Shoulders.' Those interactions with listeners were often hard to have, but I always came out feeling like some small part of the weight on my shoulders had been lifted. 'All Is Well' is about the period of time before I was ready to have those conversations - a reminder to myself and others to lean into love."

In this case, less seems to be more. With a focus on the story, his roaring vocals warble as the production stays simple and true. Backed by a guitar and layered vocals, we can hear every single emotion flood forth from his voice. The cry in his tone meanders its way through your bones in a chilling way. A humble artist, Williams's talent and the volumes he speaks cannot be understated.

Listen to All Is Well" below:

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