Hans Williams' "Weekend" Is Just a Little Taste of Summer

After only releasing one track in 2020 and leaving everyone craving more, Hans Williams is finally back with a progressive new track entitled "Weekend." Following his pattern of love and wholesomeness, Williams greets us with arms wide open into in a world of his own. In every line, he opens up on personal feelings and owns up to his own subconscious thoughts. Wise beyond his years, the twenty-year-old proves just how serious of a contender he is in the industry.

A reminder to stay humble. That's the story Williams portrays in "Weekend." The ability to bring yourself back down to earth and stay grounded is a trait not many of us are able to acquire early on in life. But for Williams, he renders a mature outlook on life. A sophisticated singer and songwriter, he dives a little deeper into the meaning behind his latest track, sharing,

"I'm still finding new ways to interpret the subconscious stream behind 'Weekend'. All of them revolve around the same idea of needing guilt-free escape - one that feels like a vacation, but serves as a productive, healthy break."

Short, but sweet. Arriving just in time for summer, Hans Williams strays away from the type of music he had been writing previously while still honing his signature vibe. And with this, we can only hope this is just the beginning of a big year for Williams.

Listen to  "Weekend" below:

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