Hudson Thames and Wes Period Channel Their Inner Heroes on "Bruce Wayne" [Premiere]

After a quick hiatus from music, the undeniable pop star Hudson Thames is back with his extremely anticipated single "Bruce Wayne" featuring indie musician and BLM activist, Wes Period. We're extremely excited to premiere Thames' first single of 2021, he sets the bar high for what may come later this year. From the crisp production to his silky vocals, the song flows with ease and you can't help but move to this bop of a song.

"Bruce Wayne" tells the tale of channeling your inner superhero. Finding that niche inside of you and championing it with everything you have. Hudson Thames and Wes Period play the roles of Batman and Robin. The duo tag teams within the verses, complementing each other perfectly. Portraying the classic cartoon characters in the music video, it's obvious this song is taking a life of its own and sending us 90's babies on a nostalgia trip back to the simpler days.

"Outside of us, there is the universal theme of embracing your inner superhero, and the juxtaposition of one's everyday life. In the music video, we portray those iconic characters in an original animated short film evocative off the effervescent 1970's and 80's style."

The repetition of "what would Bruce Wayne do?" leaves us thinking about what our everyday superheroes would do. Whether it's a fictional character, a family member, or your favorite celebrity, that's a thought that runs through every one’s mind at some point or another. We base a lot of our actions off of our idols but Thames and Period shine light on the fact that we have the ability to be not only our own role model, but ones for the next generation to look up to. Hudson Thames and Wes Period truly found their inner heroes and used their platform to spread some positivity and upbeat vibes during these uncertain times.

Watch the video for "Bruce Wayne" below.

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