Wes Period Returns From 18-Month Hiatus with the Melodic Anti-Pop "My Benz"


Orange County native, Wes Period, has found his life changing quite a bit since he started releasing music a few years ago. After touring with Macklemore and Kesha, the young artist was able to purchase his dream car, a Mercedes Benz. However, with that came the sensation of loneliness many artists experience on the pursuit of their dreams. With this in mind, with production help from Hank Solo, and with influence from contemporary melodic hip hop, came the birth of Period's new single, "My Benz."

"My Benz" is the first piece of original music that has been dropped by Wes in over a year and a half, but he is set for a strong finish to 2019. Wes has several singles lined up for release, as well as an album to follow, in the upcoming year. On "My Benz," however, none of this matters as Wes speaks about how his car is currently his only friend and concern. He even references his parents, proclaiming that he is "too sensitive for his dad to love [him]," yet still finds refuge in his Mercedes Benz. The refrain echoes, "people let me down but the rims still spin," showing how reliable his car can be when his peers, and even family, aren't quite the same.

The production on the track is impressive, as each bass hit serves a purpose and gives the song a bouncy feeling listeners will love. What begins with a simple melody over a few smooth guitar chords quickly progresses into a much more grandiose blend of post-punk and hip hop sounds. The subtle keys throughout the track bring it together as well as the vocal ad-libs scattered periodically.

"My Benz" is also accompanied by a video directed by MidVessel. With eye-catching colors as well as a handful of gorgeous stills, the viewer can see a series of shots displaying Period's relationship with his car. Whether it be a simple shot of him dancing in front of the car, tied to the car, hanging out in the back seat, or hanging in from the roof, it is very clear this is more than a car to Wes. With a mix of post-apocalyptic hazard masks and car flexes, the video is definitely one you should watch twice.

Wes Period is now officially back on the scene and ready to take the industry by storm with a new take on anti-pop that many will find themselves falling in love with.  

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