Jackson August Teams Up With Childhood Friend Yoshi T For New Single "ITS OVER"

Genre-bending, multi-hyphenate artist Jackson August seamlessly combines alt-rock, folk, and elements of hip-hop in his latest single, "ITS OVER." Tapping in his childhood friend Yoshi T, the track is a thrill ride from start to finish that showcases the native New Yorker's growth and love for the early 2000s indie rock scene in the Lower East Side.

"ITS OVER" opens with the sound of tape being rewound before engulfing the listener with surfy guitar riffs and echoey vocals singing the insanely catchy hook, "Good God / You just chatter chatter chatter don't stop / Ain't felt this dumb since what like '09 / I think it's over." Yoshi's presence and soothing vocals on the track bring a warm, rich texture to the chaotic yet sleek instrumentation, complementing the sonic world August has so carefully crafted. 

"When it comes to the shows, I feel like I'm just trying to revitalize the indie scene in NYC, which I feel has been lacking with just too much safe regular ass music," says August. "I grew up with the Strokes, the Beatles, and Mac Demarco. I feel like I'm trying to build an actual revolution with these shows and this music. I want heads to be able to turn up at my shows and see some real raw grit shit that this city deserves."

The video is a snarky cinematic that sees the childhood friends running in a reversed, slow-motion chase scene. Giving viewers a glimpse into the energized NYC scene, the friends and musical collaborators take us on a journey through the famed city as they try to put their clothes back on and avoid accidents with oncoming traffic and pedestrians. The final frame of the "one camera, no budget" creation shows the duo reaching the end, or the beginning, of their journey, looking into the camera and unwriting the song's title before the credits roll.

Currently, August is writing and recording more new music, with his debut album coming in 2024. This young independent artist is the definition of DIY, creating his own music, videos, graphics, and tour flyers, as well as booking his own shows, and he is unapologetic about his path. Refusing to be labeled, August aims to create great music without a set genre distinction, as evidenced in his debut EP, LOOK MOM IM SINGING, released earlier this summer.

Watch the "ITS OVER" video below:

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