Jade LeMac on Toxic Relationships, Joke Songs, and 'My Life With the Walter Boys'

19-year-old Jade LeMac is taking the pop world by storm with her confessional storytelling and biting tracks, and graced OnesToWatch with all the scoop on her upcoming deluxe EP, out on March 1. Celebrating the release of her single, “Narcissistic,” LeMac reveals the more carefree side of the EP to come, alongside her feature in the TV show, My Life with the Walter Boys, her writing process, and her deep kinship with arcades. 

OnesToWatch: Hi Jade, how are you? 

Jade LeMac: I’m good, it’s a good day!

You’re based in Canada, right? How is the weather, are we surviving winter? 

I’m in Vancouver so it isn’t too bad. We had a snowstorm last week, which was fun, but there’s something in Vancouver where people just don’t know how to drive in the snow. 

Sounds like LA year-round. Congrats on the release of “Narcissistic,” how are you feeling?

I’m so excited! I released my EP Confessions a few months ago, and this is a part of the deluxe version coming out on March 1st. These upcoming songs are so fun, “Narcissistic” especially was such a fun song to write, and I’m so excited that people get to listen to it now. 

That must feel so awesome. How long ago did you write it? 

I wrote it at the beginning of last summer, I went out to LA and was collaborating with some people out there, and this song came from it. 

What was the inspiration for “Narcissistic?” 

Honestly, narcissistic is a word I’ve always wanted to use, it’s always in my brain – I think it’s because I don’t know how to spell it, haha, I always get mixed up with the s’s and the c’s, I can’t lie. We were just playing around with some ideas and I thought it would be funny to do a play on toxicity, because I think this generation has a thing with toxic relationships and such. 

Oh yes, we love them, unfortunately. 

Yeah! And some people, that’s their thing, and I just thought it would be fun to do a twist on that. The song came pretty naturally after that. 

I noticed the last few releases you’ve entered this era of red cover art, perhaps a villain era on the horizon with the deluxe EP? 

Oh yeah, “Narcissistic” for sure is the most badass track. All three of the songs are so fun, though, the other two are more funny. I write a lot of songs that are serious or lovey, but these are purely for fun. 

I love that, when I was in college for songwriting a lot of my professors would start the semester with us writing a “joke” song, and I felt like I got the most free ideas from those assignments. 

Totally, I was so used to writing songs where I was so in my feels and needed to get something out, and these were just so comical. It was like writing whatever would make us laugh. 

Do you usually write more from personal experience? 

I do. I write a lot about my own experiences or things that happen close to me, but I also like to use my imagination a lot. Apparently, my brain just goes to really sad things, so I’ll be more imaginative for heartbreak songs and things like that. 

I noticed you had a song, “Constellations,” featured on the Netflix TV show,  My Life With the Walter Boys, how has that been going? 

Yes! It’s been so incredible to see, since “Constellations” was the first song I’ve released ever, back in 2021. To see it come back around again, watching people interact with it from the show, it’s a really proud moment for me. It’s also the piano version, which is a cool way to reimagine it. 

That’s such a great full-circle moment, congrats. I also saw that you were named one of GLAAD’s 20 Under 20 Class of Outstanding Young LGBTQ Changemakers. I’m curious if your identity plays a role in your artistry and how this title felt!

It definitely plays a role. I’m still trying to figure myself out, you know, but it plays into a lot of my music and songwriting. Actually, “Constellations” was a song written about a girl I was close with, and that community was a lot of the original demographic that listened to the song. Now as it’s having a resurgence with the show, the demographic has definitely expanded, and I like to keep my music up to interpretation, so it’s cool to see how many different people can relate to it. 

That’s the beauty of music, right? It’s important though that you’re making space for your community with your music, though, and I love to see it. 

What inspires you outside of music? 

I actually find a lot of inspiration, weirdly, with objects. I kind of just look around a lot, see what’s around me, and if I think the word or name for something is cool, I’ll use it. I like to push my boundaries and see how far I can go. But also my family and friends inspire me a lot, things they experience and watching how they live their lives. 

Do you have any hobbies outside of music? 

I’m actually trying to draw more with my little brother and play sports with him. But also, the arcade – that’s my home. I feel most myself there, haha. 

What were you listening to a lot when you were making this deluxe EP? 

Dominic Fike, I liked how different of an upbeat sound he has. 

Iconic. My final, pressing question is who are your OnesToWatch? 

This one just broke through on TikTok, and my girlfriend and I are obsessed. It’s called “Home” by Good Neighbors, it’s insanely good. Also, been loving this trio, Łaszewo. 

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