Jean Dawson Opts For a Quiet Moment of Reflection in "PIRATE RADIO*"

Jean Dawson prides himself on wearing all shades of unpredictability. He doesn't fit into any traditional mold. His style is unique, and he dares you to try to classify what he's doing with each new release.

Growing up in Tijuana as a half-Mexican, half-Black person of color, Dawson is no stranger to the idea of being an outsider. Being someone who struggled with fitting in his entire life, Dawson aims to create a place for fellow misfits with his genre-eschewing sound and vision. His very art seeks to craft a culture of belonging. And with his latest single, "PIRATE RADIO*," Dawson continues to subvert expectations.

"PIRATE RADIO*" arrives shortly after the release of "THREE HEADS*," and the announcement of Dawson's forthcoming album CHAOS NOW*, set to release October 7. After an initial listen to the somber, unassuming track, you might think something doesn't quite add up. That couldn't be further from the truth. Dawson is emerging from and speaking to a generation that is less concerned than ever with fitting in. Authenticity is the new currency for young artists. "People think it's cool, but I'm literally just doing me - I'm not trying to be provocative," shares Dawson.

There's an infectious air of vulnerability surrounding Dawson's persona. This refreshing honesty flows through his lyrics as well. "My paddle is broken, I'm out in the open," he coos, echoing feelings of being lost in the world and trying to find a sense of identity, purpose, and belonging. It's more than likely that you have experienced what it feels like to be an outsider at some point or another. And if you ever needed a kindred spirit, Dawson has become an expert at putting words to those complicated and often-perplexing fears of being alone, abandoned, and left out.

The takeaway from Dawson's realness and honesty is to be yourself. Share who you are with the universe, because in all likelihood, someone else is going through the exact same thing. 

Watch the "PIRATE RADIO*" video below:

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