Kaash Paige Honors Eight Years of "Thinkin Bout You" With "Frank Ocean"


Photo: Meredith Truax

Eight years ago today, Frank Ocean released "Thinkin Bout You." Arguably the song that made him, it would later appear on his debut album channel ORANGE. The album, which would have likely been his magnum opus if not for the release of Blonde, cemented Ocean as an enigmatic R&B purveyor. So, it seems perfectly fitting that today sees up-and-coming R&B artist Kaash Paige deliver an ode to that magical moment.

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The aptly titled "Frank Ocean" is a velvety ode to none other than Ocean. Following closely on the heels of her recent collaboration with Don Toliver and Travis Scott on "Euphoria," Paige's latest continues to demonstrate her place amongst R&B's next wave.

For those of you unfortunately familiar with the irresistible R&B stylings of Paige, the Dallas, Texas native became an overnight sensation thanks to micro-video sharing platform TikTok. Her standout single "Love Songs," which appears on her debut EP Parked Car Convos, quickly caught fire on the platform, with over 10 million videos created to the track. That is not to say she is a one-hit wonder, her aforementioned debut EP is an eight-song demonstration of Paige's talent for whisking up a palpable wave of emotion.

"Frank Ocean" builds on that early spark to present a Paige who is fully-confident in her vision and voice. The woozy R&B offering is nothing short of intoxicating, blending Paige's vulnerable lyricism with production that quickly falls in line with the Texas R&B artist's lovelorn push-and-pull. "You know I think about you / But do you think about me / Like Frank Ocean," muses Paige in a moment that likely hits home for far too many of us who let channel ORANGE play out while staring up at the ceiling.

Listen to "Frank Ocean" below:

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