LAUNDRY DAY Kick Off a New Chapter With "Connect 5"  [Q&A]


The past year has been a paramount one for New York's LAUNDRY DAY. The five-piece comprised of childhood friends and schoolmates emerged from lockdown having graduated high school, delivering standout festival performances at Lollapalooza, Governors Ball, and Firefly, and inking a deal with Warner Records. "Connect 5" their major label debut, serves as both a culmination of all this and the start of a new chapter for LAUNDRY DAY.

"'Connect 5’ was a song that kind of came right in the middle of the album writing process. This had been the longest time we’d ever spent making an album, and we still had a long way to go. It came at a time where we needed to be reminded to rely on each other and support one another. I think this is reflected in the lyrics and production work throughout the song. It feels like every member gave a piece of themselves to the track in order to ‘make this work’,“ shares LAUNDRY DAY.  

It’s little wonder then that every moment of "Connect 5" surges forward with a euphoric, iridescent optimism. It's a sentiment that comes to life in the accompanying music video, which sees the five-piece practically tied together at the hip, leaning on one another through every moment of everyday life.

We had the chance to catch up with LAUNDRY DAY to delve headfirst into their latest music video and their next chapter.  

Ones to Watch: Unavoidable question, who made the caterpillar sweater for you all?

LAUNDRY DAY: As most things go, our photographer/videographer/overall creative queen Camilla put together the sweater. Jude came up with the idea and then her and Etai hit Goodwill and got the pieces together. Camilla hit the sewing machine and the rest was history.

What was the concept of the sweater, is it a metaphor for how you all bind and interweave together?

There really wasn't much concept to it at first. It started as just "it would be cool if we did something where we all wore the same sweater." But then when it came time to come up with a "Connect 5" video concept it just made perfect sense.

You always seem to make the largesse of NYC a character in your videos, is that always deliberate?

100% deliberate. We are LAUNDRY DAY from New York City. This is our home, our canvas. We wanna be synonymous with the city just like the Beastie Boys, The Strokes, and so many more that came before us. When's the last time there was a NEW YORK BAND???

How does the concept mesh with the song?

Again, the sweater concept just worked perfectly with the title "Connect 5." The song also happens to be all about being connected and communicating with each other as a band. Trying to be one body and mind (and sweater).

Can you confirm no one was hurt while biking side by side (we pray you made it work)?

You know, the biking shot was the one we were most nervous about being able to pull off, but it actually ended up being way easier than we expected. So not to kill the magic, but it was way less difficult than it may have looked.

Also where is the sweater, will it be seen again?

The sweater is safe on the top shelf of Jude's closet. When it comes down from there we will see…

Another album from you in your nascent career, how is this different from your past work?

We really feel like a different band now. After all this time. And going through so much together in just five years of being a band. We learned so much about ourselves making this album, and now we really know what LAUNDRY DAY is. This album is the most LAUNDRY DAY album ever.

Does this album feel like a pure continuation or a new journey?

 A little of both. This journey was certainly filled with change, the most significant being no longer being in school. So yeah, things felt new. But at the same time, there was no way to escape our past. We built such a foundation for ourselves during high school that we couldn't help but build off of. This album is everything we loved most about our past work, and more.

Now that this opus is out, what else can we be on the lookout for?

Connect 5 is just the beginning! Lots more music and videos coming everyone's way. Strap in.

Who are your Ones to Watch?

We're loving what PinkPanthress is doing. We wanna work with her so badly. Our love for Dijon continues to grow with everything he does. And you gotta watch Jae Poet.

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