Leah Kate Admits She's "Used To This" in Funk-Fueled New Single & Video


Charging her way through the music industry, Leah Kate has been making whirlwinds with her recent slew of releases. Dropping banger after banger, there's no stopping the Los Angeles based artist and her latest electro-pop single "Used To This" proves it.

With an undeniable driving beat, Kate narrates her own love story and the feeling of being considered with love and respect after numerous toxic relationships. Something that may seem a little unfamiliar in a world of online dating, where we fight our way through cheaters, ghosts and catfishes, it can be a rarity to actually find someone who treats you right.

Kate shares, "When I wrote this song I was writing it about a love interest who had been pretty overall great to me. I was looking for negatives to write about and was going to write it about how I wish he could do something bad to me so I could have something to write about, but truthfully there weren’t any negatives. It really is about the moment you realize someone is great to you and how good it feels to be treated right. I have had my fair share of toxic relationships but when you know someone is good to you it’s confusing."

The retro visuals for "Used To It" emanate a 60's vintage essence, following Kate as she revels in her happy relationship. Directed by Ari Nissenbaum and Pedro Bringas, the video shows the singer prancing around her mid-century abode and taking a drive down the pacific coast in her baby blue Thunderbird.

Through fun, quirky melodies, "Used To It" emits a disco feel, providing some much needed positivity during unprecedented times. But more importantly, the track succeeds in showing others that we should celebrate the good in people and allow ourselves to be happy when the right person comes along.

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