Lecx Stacy Is Shifting the Future of Left of Center Music


Lecx Stacy is the songwriter, producer, visual artist, and artist that is prepared to shake up the music industry with his boundary-breaking production style and philosophical disposition. Hailing from San Diego, California, the young creative utilizes his own personal introspections and methods of escapism as a way to not only form the world around him but to transform the music he’s making into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Stacy’s first solo release, “Beaded,” dropped in August of this year and served as a crisp rap-adjacent, bedroom-crafted daydream that definitely grabbed people’s attention. “Beaded” made its debut just three months after Stacy finished up production on Jean Dawson’s first full-length album Bad Sports. The album was released in May after the two had been working on it together for almost four years and has amassed over one million streams as a whole.

The multifaceted creator went on to drop another single “Water Your Face Plants” on October 24 that was almost a complete 1080 from his first. Stacy maintains a level of sheer vulnerability and raw emotion behind both tracks but takes on a grittier, more soft garage rock feel, as his mystic vocals pull us through the ever-impending feelings of doom surrounding his personal feelings of self-doubt. Stacy’s music is multidimensional, empathic, raw, and doused in creative expression that he takes from both his inner-self and his influences, which range from the likes of My Chemical Romance, Bad Brains, Outkast, and Wu-Tang.

Stacy was chosen to be a part of the 2019 NTS Work In Progress artist mentorship program, which led to him receiving creative guidance under Mount Kimbie. More recently, Stacy has been making music and producing alongside artists such as Sam.Sts and Deb Never. With such a tremendous amount of traction in such little time, we have no doubt that Lecx Stacy is a name we will be hearing plenty more from and seeing a lot more.

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