Los Aptos and Cuco Deliver a Dreamlike Serenade in "Miel"

Brooding Latin pop acts Los Aptos and Cuco team up for the dreamiest love song of the summer, pulling guitar and heartstrings all at once on “Miel.”

Opening up with a lovestruck Cuco, he sings dizzily enamored by his muse’s essence, comparing her to honey, chocolate, and sunshine. For an artist who has perfected the art of translating heartbreak and deep disdain into song, he’s proven to be just as articulate with romance. 

Intersecting the lines of soft rock and soul while remaining loyal to their Chicano roots, both Los Aptos and Cuco do an exceptional job at making music both authentic and culturally disruptive, outgrowing any and all expectations, loudly and boldly. “Miel” is a sweet and sonically delicious surrender, as Cuco gives himself permission to trust love, maybe even for the first time.

Los Aptos have proven themselves to be much more than one-hit sensations, letting their TikTok momentum only propel them forward as they perfect their craft. Fueled by a deep sense of love for the art, their gravitational pull comes from how much sincerity and emotional depth is found in their work, despite their young ages and lives yet to be lived.

This collaboration couldn’t have been more holy nor divinely timed, giving both Cuco permission to play and Los Aptos a chance to truly showcase their mastery. “Miel” sings to the exact kind of love we need this summer—easy and indulgent.

Watch the "Miel" lyric video below:

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