Matt Hansen Breaks His Heart

Indie-pop singer-songwriter Matt Hansen breaks his own heart for the sake of the one he loves in his latest single, "break my heart." The track is a short and sweet showcase of Hansen's robust vocals and incredibly intimate lyrics.

"break my heart" cold opens with Hansen softly singing, "Darling, I would break my heart / If it was gonna make yours whole / I would rip myself apart / If it was gonna heal your soul," while lilting piano riffs intertwine. The singer describes to his loved one that he woke up in a panic because they weren't there and is afraid of showing his real feelings or "losing control." As Hansen muses over how they could spend forever loving their significant other, he wonders, "if I let you go, would you be happier?"

Hansen then launches into a dynamic and emotional chorus carried by catchy guitar riffs and driving percussion. He declares he would rather break his own heart in order to keep his lover's heart whole. He sings, "I would pick up all the pieces / I don't need a million reasons/ Oh, to break my heart for yours." Throughout the rest of the song, he expresses that despite the difficult situation, he would respect whatever space or time away his loved one needed.

The accompanying lyric video is a minimalistic, DIY visual that captures all the song's overflowing emotions. Quick, aesthetically pleasing clips of Hansen singing alone play out as bright-colored scenes filled with flowers and murals juxtapose the deeply sentimental lyrics and the song's passionate delivery, grabbing and keeping our attention until the song's end.

Watch the "break my heart" lyric video below:

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