Maude Latour's "Starsick" Contains the  Answers of the Universe


Today, 19-year-old east coast enchantress Maude Latour dropped her third single of 2019. The cosmic  "Starsick" will thrust you into existential crisis while simultaneously revealing to you the answers of the universe, so you should only listen if you wish to join Latour in her heightened state of consciousness. Raised in New York City and Hong Kong, it is no surprise that Latour is a truth-seeker and has fully formed ideas about the way the world should look. Through her music, she sends messages of empathy, acceptance, and love into the world. She realized the importance of genuine love for others and for the planet while in high school in Manhattan, where she says she met her best friends.  "Starsick," is a birthday present and an ode to Latour's best friend Morgan, who recently turned 19.  

Latour found inspiration for her celestial new single while laying on top of a rental car, looking out at the night sky in Joshua Tree, California. When listening to her low Lorde-like hums and bubbly, carbonated choruses, one can't help but wonder how Latour effortlessly conveys so much with so little. She sings about her own revolution, which she's been planning since childhood, and her intention to never ever be boring. Latour's  supernova synths will transport you through an interplanetary electro-pop portal and into her rainbow universe.  

Latour shared on  "Starsick" and her Revolution,

"To me, 'Starsick' is everything I have ever tried to say. This song is the epitome of who I am and what I am looking for. I have never loved a song of mine more, I am so scared and excited to put it out in the world.  

This song is the birth of the Revolution. The Revolution started as a high school brainchild of me and [my best friend] Morgan: a pact we had and tried to spread to our entire high school to never be boring. Not for one second. But over the years, the Revolution has started to mean more and more to me. Not only is it a promise to give into total honest self-expression, but it’s the promise to tell your crush you love them, it’s the idea of practicing complete and utter empathy. The Revolution is the concept that everyone’s primary goal in life should be mindfulness and empathy, and defining your own spirituality based on total love for yourself and others. It starts in your own heart: self-love, growing your confidence (not ego), and sharing your secrets with the world. There is nothing that another human shouldn’t understand. It is to question your own beliefs, and learn to question everything around you. Next, the Revolution calls for your own mind to bend and try to grasp the thoughts of others. It is about putting humanity back into politics and humanizing those we disagree with so that we can realize our shared condition."

Listen to  "Starsick" below:

& Watch Maude Latour's accompanying visual,  "Starsick the Movie"  below:

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