10 Questions With Michal Leah on Her New Single “Used To It” [Q&A]

Let’s be real, we don’t know a lot about the new phenom Michal Leah other than the obvious fact that she has a classic, riveting sound that punches through the online clutter in a very I’ve dreamt this dream before kind of way. Wanting to part the mystery and figure out what brought this unique sound about, we reached out to Leah to learn more about herself and her new single “Used To It.”

Ones To Watch: Who is Michal Leah?

Michael Leah: I’m still learning that myself.

What is "Used To It" all about?

"Used To It" is a pretty forward song. I wanted to make sure I said what I meant. I think you can derive the meaning from the lyrics.

Obviously, the song has sadness in it, but it also sounds hopeful. How’d you settle on the sound?

Collaboration is a huge part of my creative process. I wouldn't have been able to create this song if it weren't for my incredible producer Yakob and co-writer Elsa Curran.

Any collaborations? Who produced the track?

My music doesn't exist without collaboration. Both this song and my previous single "The Way I Love You" were produced by Yakob and co-written by Elsa Curran.

You have a very classic, ballad-forward style, how’d that come about?

I grew up listening to artists who created timeless music. I really value things that last, I wanted to make sure my music could be categorized as one of those things.

Can we expect more of this style in the future, potentially on an upcoming album?

Maybe :)

Besides this excellent single, what else should we be on the lookout for?

I filmed an acoustic video for this song that comes out Dec 21st.

What's inspiring you right now outside of music?

My new puppy Otis, time with family over the holidays, a few days off to finish reading my new book, a few days off from my manager calling me every single day. You know, the usual.

Holidays: home or away?

Wherever my family is, that's always where I want to be for the holidays.

We love artists celebrating other artists… Who are your Ones To Watch?

I can't stop listening to Jessie Murph, she's been the soundtrack to all of my recent road trips with my boyfriend. Lauren Spencer Smith is consistently an artist and woman I admire, both in her music and her character. CIL and her single "One More Shot" have also been on constant rotation for me. And lastly, I love Stela Cole, I turn on her music whenever I need to hype myself up. She is very talented, highly recommend.

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