Michi Delivers on the Empowering and Sultry "Talk Big"


Photo: Haley Appell

If you could find a song that fits the description of sleek, sensual, and funky all in one, you would land upon Michi's "Talk Big." The new single is a vibey, slowburn that is oozing in prowling basslines and sultry vocals.  

The Latin R&B artist takes her time to call out a certain someone for her mistreatment as she shares, "Having this platform now, the song is a form of release and a way to call out that guy whose head is up his own ass. Some people can just be trash, and ‘Talk Big’ is my moment to check them in the most cheeky way possible." Empowering and sassy - what's not to love?

The fiery Latin artist has a smooth, sometimes husky voice that keeps the track cool, calm, and collected, as she glides in between her delicate falsetto and low, powerful voice. The track is led by tropical rhythms and a moody bassline that takes a front-row seat on the soothing R&B train. Frankly, the track is secure in a relatively minimal production set-up. Less is much more in this instance.

This alluring late-night track is suitable for a whole array of situations; whether you're having a moment of empowerment, a heartbreak boogie, or you just want a vibey track, this is your new go-to. Michi's on the rise and you cannot fault her consistency, style, and overall energy.

Listen to  "Talk Big" below:

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