mmmonika's New Visual for  "Unwind Me!" is a Sublime Summer Adventure [PREMIERE]


Photo Credit: Taylor Clark

Between adorably corny wet hair flips and slow-mo winks, mmmonika takes us on a summer adventure in their fresh new visual for recent single "Unwind Me!". From the pool to the beach, the charming hipster five-piece delights their viewers with a playful narrative that could not be more fitting for the 80s-synth-laden alt-pop anthem.  

The video opens with a shot of the boy band (comprised of Ryan Yoo, John DeBold, Nick Velez, Gabe Durastanti, and Grant Milliken) jumping into a pool in full clothing with their respective instruments. Throughout the video, whose creative direction was led by David Rho, there are recurring scenes of band members literally performing and playing their instruments underwater, to the best of their abilities, of course. Later, the group performs seaside, water lapping at their feet as they play their sand-bound instruments.  

When a seaweed-throwing fight breaks out among the members, the sound from the raw footage is played over the song, allowing the viewer to experience the bandmates' hilarious horseplay as if they were lounging on a towel nearby. At the close of the video, the group partakes in an artistic aquatic demolition of their instruments. Yes, some instruments were harmed during the making of this film, but it was definitely worth it for the pure rush of summer vibes that the video brings on.

mmmonika shares the inspiration behind their new summer anthem and visual:

"'Unwind me!' is a summer soundtrack for the insomniac. The song and video were born from the feeling of being flooded with thoughts at 4 in the morning - like trying to run across the bottom of a swimming pool - but then thinking I might as well just dance.

With only two singles to their name, mmmonika is living, breathing evidence that  "quality over quantity" still rings true. Between the addictive new "Unwind Me!" and their debut single  "see me on the outside!" the quirky bunch has managed to rack up over 170,000 streams and recently enjoyed promotion from Spotify's Fresh Finds playlist. Catch them  supporting Cayucas at The Roxy on Aug. 2, and keep your eyes peeled for  mmmonika's next single, "Swamp Time!" dropping  July 31.

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