Multi-Instrumentalist Talos Revives Us with His Eclectic 'Far Out Dust' Album [Q&A]


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A multi-instrumentalist who soothingly blends elements of organic and electronic music, Irish artist Talos draws strength and comfort from personal experiences with pain and doubt in his new album, Far Out Dust. Eoin French, the talented man behind this musical project, devoted his passion for storytelling to this full-length, and he recruited fellow accomplished artists and producers to help him make this remarkable album a reality. Written and recorded in New York, Los Angeles, London, Dublin, Cork, and Reykjavik, Far Out Dust will make you wonder of the endless possibilities life has to offer and leave you feeling blissfully fulfilled.

On the creative process of Far Out Dust, Talos reflected,

"A lot of this new record was written in transit. Being away from the safety of my home and my studio allowed me to really take the shackles off and create in a different way. It was a terrifying feeling sometimes, but it was also really rewarding ... This record was made super intensely. We dove deep into every inch of the album and we were absolutely ruthless about cutting anything that wasn't essential. Nothing made it onto the record unless it was 100% sure of itself."

Whereas his debut Wild Alee (LP 2017) focuses on bleak themes like isolation and escapism, Far Out Dust actually follows Talos on his authentic journeys through personal connections and life-changing experiences. With stunning percussion and powerful synthesizers, the opening track, "Boy Was I Wrong," immediately draws listeners in as Talos sets the enchanting tone for the rest of the dynamic album. Talos continues to explore internal discoveries with "To Each His Own" and "The Light Upon Us," but he also sheds light on external forces in "The Flood" and "On and On." The eclectic title track, "Far Out Dust," ties the impressive record together as Talos reels listeners back in with striking electronics paired with the essence of wholesomeness.

To celebrate Far Out Dust, we recently chatted with Talos about the new music, album cover artwork, and energetic live shows.

OTW: You said you started studying architecture at the same time you started your band. How do the two complement each other?

Talos: It meant I was continuously making things. We'd leave the design studio in the college and go to a bedroom and start recording. And I think regardless of the boundaries and intricacies of creating physical space, which has been very helpful in my songwriting process, you are forced to develop a critical eye for your work. This allowed me to really question what I was making musically, and it made throwing away ideas when they didn't work a lot easier. Ideas and personal work became far less precious. It becomes about taxing the art as opposed to one's personality or ego.

OTW: How does Far Out Dust differ from Wild Alee? In what ways have you stayed consistent?

Talos: I think it's a more confident album. It was made in a shorter period and that time constraint forced me to trust in my decisions. I worked with my co-workers Ross Dowling again on this and what was good was that nothing else really existed outside of the album for both of us for six full months. We got to go really deep into how and what we made. And I think the fact we got to reflect on what didn't work on Wild Alee allowed us to make a stronger record. I didn't want to make the same album again either, we consciously redirected and made a shift in the sound. At the top of the page, before we started, was that this album would be a proper pop record, but one with integrity.

OTW: In your ideal scenario, how do you imagine fans listening to and taking in the new album?

Talos: I don't really imagine any particular scenario. But what I'd like is that someone really engages with it and listens to it from top to bottom. That is how it is supposed to be consumed. We worked very hard to create a more dynamic record and those peaks and troughs are so important in it.

OTW: Can you explain the inspiration behind the album artwork?

Talos: Well, I wanted the album itself to feel like it was a collection of fragments from something or place that is not of our reality. A kind of collection of debris from somewhere that may not even exist. A memory or a dream maybe. So I wanted the artwork to feel otherworldly. I wanted people to look at it and not know what they were looking at. I wanted people to want to pick up the image and hold it inches from their face while they study the details, similar to how I'd like people to listen to the record actually.

OTW: What type of live setup/experience can we expect on the upcoming tour?

Talos: Our live show is pretty full on actually. I consciously wanted it to be a different experience to listening to the records. I want people to feel like they get an insight into our story, and our relationship as a group. It's a communal end to a solitary endeavor, the album process. It's quite celebratory and energetic.

OTW: Name three of your Ones To Watch artists.

Talos: Christof Van Der Ven, Bad Bones, Jackson Dyer, [and] The Sei.

OTW: What is your ultimate idea of success as an artist?

Talos: Longevity. Everything else is just noise. If your music can stand the test of time and if you continue to persist, then that in my eyes is success.

OTW: Anything else you want to share with American fans?

Talos: We will be announcing some American shows soon!

Join Talos on his thrilling journey to revival with Far Out Dust below:

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