New Artist Discovery: Izzy Perri

Psychedelic future pop is undoubtedly a genre that is hard to perfect. So many artists out there attempting to lock down the sound find themselves not executing it very well. With that said, we've found an artist that will absolutely blow your mind. Izzy Perri is a New Jersey native pulling inspiration from the likes of Hendrix and Clapton, and adding modern fuel to his writing and production. Perri is a one of a kind artist that doesn't fall within our normal pop-realm, but one we can see going on to play festivals like Pitchfork, Lollapalooza, and more.

For Perri, it's all about setting the right vibe, finding a place of solitude and comfort, then creating a dreamscape out of it via sonic writing. In his latest release, Perri takes us on a euphoric journey throughout his EP Habits, Vol. 2. He puts us in a tropical environment, allowing us to close our eyes and envision the waves crashing upon the shore, seagulls flocking in the distance, and the rays of the sun soaking into every element of our skin.

“This habitat is meant to represent the musical equivalent of a beach house or beach environment. Sonically, these tracks are sun-soaked and buoyant. I imagined it would encompass the feeling of falling asleep in the sand at sunrise for an entire day, living an entirely different life in your own head that is full of new relationships and the excitement of the unknown, and then waking up in the same place at sunset.”

Completely self-produced, Perri showcases his uncanny ability to alter your emotions more so than any other up and coming modern psychedelic artist creating similar music. His ear for music simply goes unmatched. Every element to his songwriting falls in place with ease. No part of it goes unheard, nothing is hidden in the mix. Every guitar overlay, background synth, and shaker, complement each other perfectly. It's safe to say, we're eager to see where 2021 takes Izzy Perri and we're here for it every bit of the way.