NIGHTBUS' "Average Boy" Is the Soundtrack to a Lonely Club Night [Q&A]

If your vibes are the type that pairs well with driving in the rain, the motion blur of reflections kicking off the damp pavement a window into your hazy memories, then NIGHTBUS, and specifically their latest single "Average Boy" is the soundtrack you need. Picking up like a retro placeholder from an era gone by, NIGHTBUS is a three-piece from the northwest of England, and with all the rain we’ve had lately we’ve been soaking up their atmospheric vibes. Wanting to know more, we reached out to dig into the group: 

OnesToWatch: Who is NIGHTBUS?  

NIGHTBUS:Nightbus is a three piece, a three headed dragon so to speak. Three masterminds and a set of decks. A group rooted in collaboration and fueled by an ambition to not fit into any box or label. Currently, on vocals, Olivia Rees (Olive) a singer songwriter from the North East also known for her work under Olivesque. Jake Cottier, guitarist and producer from Stockport (Greater Manchester). And, Zac, bass player, DJ and all-round creative from Newcastle. 

What is ‘Average Boy’ all about? We also love your revivalist, dark vibes. How’d you settle on your sound?  

Average Boy is a narrative based on a theme which is present in our current landscape and peripheral vision. The feeling of inadequacy, dysphoria, a longing for something that might never materialize. It’s a song about searching for something in a world where things seem so far out of reach. Sonically, it’s a track that's rooted in club culture. There’s this rolling bass line with classic 4 to the floor drums and these little nods to House music which was a huge inspiration for this track and our music in general.

It's a soundtrack to a lonely club night. We feel that this song captures a bitter-sweet everyday life and the ever-present thirst to seek out enjoyment and some form of escapism. 

Any collaborations on the track? Who produced it? 

We worked with the very talented producer, Alex Greaves on this track. Syd Mynsky of Working Mens Club also put a refreshing and golden touch to the track. Alex produces for BDRMM, we are massive fans of their work and we are hitting the road with them in March so it all feels very close-knit and the start of something…. 

Syd Mynsky (Working Mens Club) has spearheaded somewhat of a scene so we are chuffed to be working together and follow in his steps and make some noise for the North!

Everyone seems to be too act these days; How do you feel about the current landscape for bands? 

We think the current landscape for bands is a bit sh*t to be honest. Whether you are on the rise or established. The actual sustainability of doing music full-time when you make the bare minimum (or in most cases nothing!!!!) is clearly for those crazy enough to feed into it!

Since starting this project we’ve made a-lot of sacrifices (especially financially) in the hope that it’ll be for the greater good and lead to certain opportunities. The help and understanding of those close to you is really important and definitely makes it easier. 

Can we expect more of this style in the future? Or are you already evolving? 

As collaborators, the Nightbus sound leans in many directions based on our individual tastes. Between the three of us we have some many ideas as well as common ground in terms of inspiration which together is a winning combo for breaking down the wall of genre. Though there are common themes, nothing is set in stone…. We try to convey a feeling which isn't limited by genre or style. It’s a musical collage we guess. 

Besides this excellent record, what else should we be on the lookout for? 

Without giving away too much we have an extensive backlog of music. The hard thing is deciding what to do with it all. We’ll leave the rest to your imagination……

Other than material in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled for us coming to your nearest town or festival. This year is shaping up to be a busy one!

What's inspiring you right now outside of music? 

The world right is pretty bleak and has been for some time. It’s f**king mental out there. Everynow and then there are these little glimpses of hope and good vibes.. These little things keep the engine running. It’s always great to see good people doing great things as-well you know - A running theme in all our music is social and personal commentary so, we are very much inspired by the present and what's happening around and in front of us. 

Food or drink best suited to going down the rabbit hole of your work? 

Whatever the listener feels like we guess, how about; some red wine and cheese? No need to push the boat out! A Babybel would do the trick. A well constructed brew perhaps? Earl Gray with OatMilk (leave the bag in!!). But, given the nature of a lot of our music - food wise it would be something like a cheap and dirty bit of takeaway food at 4AM and the accompanying drink - a glass of stale water that's been in your room for 2-3 days. 

Musically who is new but impressing? Who are your current OnesToWatch?

There’s a Leeds collective called Adult DVD (great name), On separate occasions we’ve been blown away by their live performances.They’ve been around a while but it’s great to see that BDRMM are making moves at the moment. Whether it's on the stage or on record they are a captivating band.  Some honourable mentions go out to our mates The Cutter as-well as DEK who together we hope we can spearhead a new, dark and boundary pushing scene. 

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