Olivia O'Brien Opts to "Fade Out" in Playful Collaboration with Seeb & Space Primates


On the heels of her debut album Was It Even Real?,  pop songstress  Olivia O'Brien  has delivered a lively collaboration with Norwegian duo Seeb and British producers Space Primates. "Fade Out" contains the perfect blend of Seeb's electronic prowess, Space Primates' signature hooky electro-pop, and O'Brien's masterful story telling through her powerhouse vocals. Pairing all of them together was set to be a match made in heaven, and we couldn't be any more obsessed.

The insanely relatable track finds O'Brien discovering and trying to find love in the increasingly digital age. Sometimes there just isn't a spark and it's time to move on. The guy she's talking to keeps pushing to see her one more time, but she knows what she's looking for, and it isn't him. Instead of enduring yet "another uncomfortable conversation," she finds it easier to just "Fade Out." Filled with perfectly layered synths, we have definitely found our song of the summer.

The accompanying music video shows O'Brien engaging in multiple relationships, trying so hard to fall in love, all ultimately failing due to one side ghosting on the other. Flashing back to a time with cassettes, flip phones, and instant messaging, O'Brien is living the Y2K teenage dream. Wth vibrant colors at parties filled with posters of her favorite duo, Seeb, everything about this video screams aesthetic. We can't help but be thankful for O'Brien's failed relationships that have led to the creation of this bop.

Dance to "Fade Out," and maybe ghost some people along the way down below:  

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