Olivia O'Brien Pushes Immature Boys Away in "Just A Boy"


Just like the first record she ever bought, Miley Cyrus' Breakout, Olivia O'Brien just gave us the best of both worlds with her new single "Just A Boy." An exciting preview of O'Brien's debut album WAS IT EVEN REAL?, set to release April 26, "Just A Boy" satisfies all of our pop cravings with a hint of R&B goodness. Drawing influence across diverse genres, O'Brien harnesses groovy energy and blends it with the raw lyrical honesty, all while maintaining contemporary rhythm.

Aside from her sonic prowess, O'Brien's social media influence is dedicated to honestly sharing her mental health struggles and various encounters living alone in LA. Based off these experiences and a difficult childhood, the 19-year-old's lyrics always hit differently. Read more her songwriting process here.

The theme of "Just A Boy" is simply that. She met a guy at a party thinking he was a mature man, but he's really just a boy. Playing games and wanting to keep it all "lowkey," O'Brien pushes him out of her life and promises him that she's "the best [he'll] ever get." She sets this empowering message to an upbeat melody, solidifying her title as the future of pop. It's almost impossible to not dance along to this bop, and we really can't wait for O'Brien's WAS IT EVEN REAL? album to drop on April 26.

Dance with this lyrical genius at one of her lively shows on the 'Was It Even Real Tour,' with support from Kevin George at one of the remaining dates below:


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