Paris Michael Blends Punk and Hip Hop on His Debut  'PUBLICITY STUNT'


Paris Michael's rebellious attitude and ear for gritty and industrial instrumentals make his debut EP, PUBLICITY STUNT, an engaging and memorable listen. The singles for the track  "SO PERFECT" and  "1017ALYX9SM" show Michael's ability to flow effortlessly over ominous and dark production reminiscent of Yeezus.  

Paris Michael also values a strong visual identity. The music video for  "1017ALYX9SM" introduces the artist's vision and showcases the unique intersection of fashion and rap.  

The theme of fashion is integral to understanding the new artist. The release of PUBLICITY STUNT coincides with fashion week with each track acting as a piece of art.  

PUBLICITY STUNT is airtight with only six tracks. There's no filler on this EP and Paris Michael is extremely straight forward with his vision and identity.  "SCENE QUEEN" maintains the energy of the first two singles while the closing track,  "INDIGO FUR," shows the versatility of the artist.

Paris Michael's debut is a strong display of the artist’s different interests and abilities. Every track builds on the themes of the last and the tracklist is captivating from start to finish.

Listen to PUBLICITY STUNT below:

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