Phem Breaks Through On Latest Single "Slippery Slope" | THE NOISE

Emerging alt-pop star phem embraces a new era on her latest track, "slippery slope." The vulnerable single packs an emotional punch and is penned about the various stigmas that coincide with living life under a public lens. While fans may feel like they know the real phem, the song is about removing the "mask" she feels compelled to wear.

The track opens with sun-drenched guitar lines and synths with diaristic lyrics setting the scene. phem details a raw story about being stigmatized for how she's perceived and, underneath it all, giving everything she has to create and become the artist she wanted to be. On the climatic chorus, she looks back precisely at the time when she "Used to work at mini-malls/ Just so I could make some songs," ultimately pushing through to become the alt-pop superstar listeners know now, bringing her signature energy and clever lyrics to a new level.

"One time I was working at this place, it was in a mini-mall in the valley. I won't say what it was cuz it doesn't fucking matter anymore, and I had just signed my first deal, but I still had no money, and in walks the person that wasn't the CEO of the label but like their right-hand… big top dog…. someone you wanna look cool for, impress, etc.- and who I had just met maybe a week earlier."

"'phem?? What are you doing here???' Anyways, I said hi and pretended I didn't work there and ran into the back and snuck away, and hid until they left. Then I got in my car and called my gf at the time, sobbing with embarrassment and anger. I was really fucking angry. Why did I have to be so unlucky and so lucky at the same time & furthermore, why was she so shocked? Yeah, I was grinding hard to make shit happen then & had to wear multiple masks on the daily - so, like, why was the bitch so shocked. If it's so alarming to you, lady, you should've given me a bigger bag."

The accompanying music video, directed by phem herself, is a short yet engaging visual that follows the artist as she struggles with the mask she wears, literally. The opening shot sees her dancing with a sign advertising a coffee shop at a strip mall while wearing a cartoonish bobblehead version of her face. While taking off her mask and taking a break, a man on the street looks down on her condescendingly. She throws her drink at him, and after security tries to break up the escalating situation to no avail, the video cuts to scenes of the singer running naked in the woods.

Alongside releasing new music, the rising star is set to hit the road opening for pop punk icon Avril Lavigne, and girlfriends, this spring on the Love Sux European and UK tour ( tour). The tour will kick off on April 12th in Paris at Zenith La Villette and then make stops in cities like Berlin, Milan, and Vienna. Finally, the journey will make its final stop in London, performing back-to-back nights at the Alexandra Palace on May 9th and 10th.

Be sure to check out phem's latest single, "slippery slope," today!

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